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flow of the garbled streams of vernacular coming from someones mouth
"What the hell did he say?"

"Sounded like oral diarrhea to me."

"Good call."
by loren goins November 28, 2003
vomit consisting of semen,feces, and urine
"I just went in the bathroom and Fabio was throwing trout all over the sink."
by loren goins November 28, 2003
when an old man bends over in front of you ande his hairy bean bag pops out from between his legs
Man what the fuck, Grandpa just came out of his room and dropped his towel. The next thing I know his hedgehog is saying hi.
by loren goins February 21, 2004
female who has a suspicious bulge when wearing pants
"That chick is wicked hot."

"That bitch has got a snad yo'."

"Fuck that."
by loren goins November 28, 2003

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