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5 definitions by loredaj

1. to do something wrong, make a mistake, or make a fool of yourself

2. to not be funny or interesting
"That girl is walking around like she's all that. She is messing up."
by loredaj March 30, 2010
to be so amazing, unforgettable, earth-shattering and mind blowing
"I just had the best day of my life. It was so sex."
by loredaj March 30, 2010
an unreasonably expensive drink/beverage, i.e. alcoholic mixed drink or Starbucks coffee
"That mango margarita cost me $10! That is straight up liquid money!"
by loredaj March 30, 2010
Fuck that/this shit or forget that/this shit
"Man, I hate getting rejected every time I come to the club! FTS, I'm out! "
by loredaj March 30, 2010
1. a person who takes control of situations that don't require control

2. arrogant, obnoxious fool

3. hypocritical phony
"That bitch is such a Gary. She always contradicts herself!"
by loredaj March 30, 2010