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A vicious woman who is an absolute bitch who wishes harm on anyone who stands in her way. Usually likes to refer herself as a go getter with false hope and also tends to act like a man but still be treated like a victim when she does things criminally, or starts domestic fights with her spouse and then plays the victim when he defends himself.
Usually refers to the word control. Rebecca is a cunt-troll because she hit her husband in the face and he is in jail because he defended himself.
by lordvader1982 February 12, 2011
n. (Gee^ zuz gest) An arrogant person who thinks that budget motels should have Marriott or Hilton standards in accordance to amenities. Also has a high demand for decaffeinated coffee.
Darla the Jesus guest demanded the lobby serve decaf coffee during her free continental breakfast.
by lordvader1982 November 15, 2010
Dane County and the state of Wisconsin's way of fattening up their county budget by penalizing peoples personal habits that do no harm to others.
Dane County deputies are cracking down on Wisconsin seat belt law.
by lordvader1982 December 13, 2010

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