4 definitions by lord funkington

a quality team for quality people
yeah...us browns might lose a shitload...but hey, we sure as hell have a good time doin it!
by lord funkington May 25, 2004
porgy: an orgy exclusivly involving those of a larger bulk (fat bastards)
After eating his brick'o'lard and trio of steak pies, tubby bunting picked up his S&M gear and headed off to the porgy.
by lord funkington May 25, 2004
homophony: to pretend to be a homosexual with the intent of using the said sexual state and its attraction to women for 'friendly pueposes' to therefore gain the trust of many attractive women and then to 'have ones way with them' ahem...as it were...no...it's not like i've ever done it!
homophony: yeah...er, hey girls...how about we get naked and have a pillow fight...it's not like i'd be turned on and it'd be good fun *attempts to stifle errection*
by lord funkington May 25, 2004
a bonk monster is a person of teenage years who has very little maturity and so lets themself do whatever they feel like.

A bonk monster would also be obsessed with sex and killing...but not in the same place.
Roar...I am a bonk monster!!!!!!!!!!!
by lord funkington May 26, 2004

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