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vibergiggerated- vb. the action of being shook around and vibrated as if the ground beneath you was a large vibrator. the action of being vibrated by anything besides a vibrator
jay: I'm being vibergiggerated!

Daniel: say what?

jay: my cellphones on vibrate and it was in my pocket.

Daniel: man, you must like it it or something

jay: what can i say... it felt just like a vibrator.
#vibrations #vibrating #vibrator #cell phone vibrate #earthquake
by lord azriel April 02, 2009
flustergated- Adj. the state of being where one is sexually frustrated. The absence of a productive and content sexuality or the absence of sex in ones life.
person a: "i haven't had sex in four months!"

person b: "wow you must be so damn flustergated."
#sexually frustrated #sexless #non-reproductive #impotent #unable to reproduce
by lord azriel April 02, 2009
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