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A blame everyone but yourself, friends or family attitude. Everything is always someone else's fault except one's self, family for friends. Always looking for scapegoats to explain personal shortcomings and failures.
Donna's son, Jacob is showing a lack of interest in school and is not performing well. He rarely pays attention and never takes notes in class. When his mother confronted him about this, he blamed his teacher. Donna wrote to the principal and asked for the teacher to be removed. Lloyd mentality is very common now-a-days. It's easier than taking responsibility for yourself.
#lazy #scapegoating #stupid #loser #asshole
by Lopz August 12, 2012
A condition which exhibits the following:
Extreme paranoia, irrational behavior that alienates others. Very anti-social and just plain weird.
Jan sure is psycho and paranoid. Any little thing can set her off. She yelled at her neighbors the other day for climbing their fence. She's been diagnosed with Tayer's syndrome. She's got cameras in her front yard. I think I'll walk by there and flip her off.
#anti-social #crazy #bitchy #paranoid #intolerant
by Lopz August 09, 2012
A simple concept. Once an ass, always an ass. Arrogant, know-it-all, all around asshole.
After becoming a CPA, Ron became an arrogant asswipe worthy of disgust. It happens all the time with those types. That's Kramer's law playing in effect.
#asshole #know-it-all #rude #disrespectful #loser #fucktard
by Lopz August 08, 2012
when a woman assist a man in pulling down her pants by lifting her butt off the bed
I know i had consent when she did the lift method.
#lift #consent #methods #assist #sex
by lopz October 21, 2013
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