1 definition by loppylunchy

A good place to live, full of interesting places and things to do.

there may be some chavs and people who like to yell at you in the street but all in all it is very nice.

the town centre has a great selection of places to go and brand stores such as superdry and zara but also the shitty ones like tk max...

if you have money you will live in the country side around basingstoke] such as Upton Grey, Herriard, parts of Old Basing and some of the surrounding area.

quite a lot of teenagers have rich parents who have no real concern for how their kids spend their time so give them cars so they can do what they like, consequently you will also find a lot of audi's and BMW's crashed into lamposts!
a good place to live would be the rich part of basingstoke like Herriard, it is better than Old Basing and Litchpit (they just think their rich!)
by loppylunchy December 30, 2010

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