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a pointless-story-ending, similar to "and then i found ten dollars." when your story went nowhere, you put this on the end to make it interesting. generally used satirically to admit story-telling defeat.
cammie:well then it looked like the car had a scratch, but then it didn't really...

lila: cammie, is this story going anywhere?

cammie:...so i saw this chick, and i wanted to talk to her, but then i didn't...and that's when i saw the blood...

lila: *facepalm*
by loppearedbunnie May 15, 2010
when a male is woken up by receiving a gentle handjob on his morning wood. quite possibly the best way to wake up ever.
just shake and wake your way to the best day ever!
by loppearedbunnie September 04, 2011
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