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The noob or newbie in your workgroup whose very presence makes your skin crawl. Little or no social graces. Has many certifications, but when tasked with a job, often fails in a sad, pathetic, uninformed way. Often in a position with a status of "Junior" to a superior, more experienced individual.
The system is completely hosed; Thwackburger Junior must have been working on it again.
by Loopy November 22, 2004
someone who loans out money, usually short-term, at extortionate interest rates. Consequences of non-payment can be physically severe.
Jimmy the loan shark sent over two goons to collect the vig.
by Loopy July 20, 2004
A fan of anal sex
i heard that Clint is a dookie chaser, i hear his boo screamin to take it out her ass!
by Loopy January 21, 2004
A who gets so drunk she will make out with anyone
the girl down the hall is a sagnor at aprties cause she fucked that junkie
by loopy October 25, 2004
The coolest thing ever, or a super hot track
Man this club is off tha fryin pan


Yo, that new one by Dirt McGirt was off tha fryin pan
by Loopy January 21, 2004
Barbarian or someone who is uncivilized.
You weren't at church today, you heathen.
by Loopy June 12, 2004

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