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a person that doesn't practice oral hygene on a daily basis; one that lets teeth go bad to the point that they show signs of falling out due to poor maintance; having a breath foul enough as if one hasn't maintain oral hygene in a period of time.
person 1: I can't believe it...
person 2: what?
person 1: I had to leave that restaurant cause the waiter had rottenmouth...I was afraid to get my food and find parts of his teeth in it.

by looney leon November 12, 2006
mind games that a certain percentage of people play with others that are so simple, yet frustrating to master that a 2 year old would put them back in their place...
person 1: man that chick last night was acting wierd...first she acted like she wanted me and the next second she blew me off...
person 2: Yeah I know, that b*&^% is so stuck on her nintendo games that it was best for me to avoid her than to deal with her
by looney leon November 12, 2006

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