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4 definitions by looloo

it means that you, yes you, are a fucking asshole w/ no life, i.e. you blow
bob: wow fucker, you suck
kevin: yeah, i do, don't i?
by looloo May 26, 2003
A freaky person who likes to make out with assorted furniture
Jeff: why are you a mynorf?
Joey: because the couch looks like a pussy!
by looloo May 09, 2005
meaning of great randomness; also used to confuse people
Jason - Man, look at those strange monkeys!
Carl - Yeah! Look at that bloopical monkey over there!
Jason - Oh he is pretty random all right!


Jason - Hey bloopical girl, want to eat bloopical food with bloopical me?
Kate - What!? (puzzled look)
by Looloo May 06, 2012
A crapping turtle who has feelings for fat hats
Aw man, the fuggawoo is coming on to my hat!
by looloo May 04, 2005