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One who swills cock. Best used when describing someone who is displaying traits of a "cocksucker", with a bit more zest. Can also be used to describe a female (or male if your into that kind of thing) who goes above and beyond the norm when giving head. You know, the kind of girl that not only takes the whole shaft, but manages to stuff your scrotum into her mouth as well.
"Not only did he pinch a gram out the nickel bag I had him get for me, he had the nerve to ask me to smoke him up too. And he tried to keep my change by telling me he already gave it to me. That cockswiller is going to get his cranium cracked"
"I couldn't believe it, this girl is a total bookworm, 4.0 student, quiet as a mouse, active participant in church... just when im thinking she could get any more boring, she takes my cock out and just starts inhaling it, balls deep, gagging and everything. She was a true cockswiller to the extreme"
A non Danish person who has developed an unhealthy obsession with the Danish people. Typically male, these creatures need to be kept away from the foreign exchange students at all costs. Is also known to frequent chat rooms and anywhere else Danes may be present. Will often impress at first with basic knowledge of Denmark throwing words out like smørrebrød, knowledge of some Danish footballers like Peter Schmeichel, Brian and Micheal Laudrup, some Danish bands like Mew and Nephew... But beware, once the Daneophile grabs your attention you will have a hard time escaping their clutches. To be avoided at all costs.
Poor Sandra, she had everything going alright in her life till she met that Daneophile over the internet. Now, no matter what she does or where she goes he finds a way to track her down. She had no choice but to put a double barreled shotgun to his head. The judge went easy on her since she had once been smothered by a danophile herself back in the day. All was good for Sandra again. Yay.

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