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3 definitions by look at me go!

Usually a small awesome person, who shows no signs of being lame.
Yo, that girl is Durao,is that Natalie?

I don't know but she sure runs up that sexual football field with that little blonde friend of hers.
by look at me go! June 13, 2008
Used to describe, a really cool,extremely black,person.
Douche:That kid is really Boadu, he must be from like Kenya or something.

Douche #2:Pssh, he has a chode.

Douche:Dude,Whats a chode?
by look at me go! June 13, 2008
A very odd,but very pretty blonde child. These people usually fall in love with gingers,or extreme black people.

Also see Snaggleclerk.
I seen a Cheyenne yesterday....Wow it was odd, I never seen one in person, I took a picture of her runnin up the sexual football field with what looked like a small child. It was .......disturbing but slightly impressive.
by look at me go! June 13, 2008