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5 definitions by look

it means ''word '' in romanian
cuvantul asta=this word
by look September 02, 2004
means car in chinese
cioc da' cur and da'; gura man
by look September 02, 2004
The all holy breakfast food of champions
Are you going to finish that waffle? If not, I'll kick you in the fucking teeth you heathen. Quit looking at those pancakes and eat some waffles, cunt!
by Look April 09, 2003
it's a muscle in italian i dont know how do u cal it in english that is what i was tryng to find out the muscle is situated under the cin
it's a muscle i can't give u an example
by look September 02, 2004
fat ass gutter slut internet whore
that sweet cream sure is a pathetic loser.
by look October 05, 2003