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I think kurt cobain was the greatest man alive i idolise him for being him he was intresting he didn't pretend to be someone eles"I'd rather be hated for who i am the loved for who i'm not." every one is intiteled to there own opionion but people who slag him off for tacking druges is sad.(he tock herioin for his stomach pains manly)Loads of people do it so why pick on him i read his"suicide" note every day i'v read his journal but you wouldn't cach me dead reading an atobiograph about him because i have my own opions people say i'm obsesed but i don't care i'm dieing to know how hw die wether it was suicide or murder i love Nirvana as much as i love him i think he was brilliant.
kurt cobain is brilliant
by lonley August 07, 2006

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