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The fear of being bludgeoned to death by small, woodland creatures.
What, do you have cudgeochitophobia, or something?
by longlive February 05, 2011
1) The capitol of Texas

2) Austin is typically a great guy that always shows how he feels. If he wants something he takes it regardless of the situation. He is always straight up with people. One of the best friends you could ever ask for. Typically likes to fight and whenever given the opportunity will beat some ass. He is typically someone you don't really notice. You normally meet him through a gay friend but he himself is not. He will always be there for you even if you aren't that close. He is the kind of guy to give you his jacket even if you just look cold. Talks with his hands and very passionate about what he does. Typically knows how to use staff weapons. Easy to fall head over heels for. If you have an Austin in your life cherish him and treat him right because he will always be therefor you if he trusts you. Typically is the cause for a group being created but will only know about two or three and actually enjoy their company.
Person 1: Hey you look cold here's my jacket.

Person 2: Bro, stop trying to be Austin.
by LongLive April 02, 2015

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