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baileys are usually people with medium length dark brown hair,brown eyes long lips. Very lean funny and mean, badass with alot of class, sass and a NICE ass.
she likes to have fun all the time there is never a time when shes upset, likes to dance like crazy! and sing (but doesnt have the best voice). Loves to eat she is obsessed with McDonalds but she is not fat and no one will ever know where her food goes?.
loves to hangout with her friends and just have fun nothing illegal, !:).

she loves boys maybe a little to much, shes all over them with out even noticing but its ok because all the boys thinks shes hot and want her, Bailey can usually get anyone she wants she just has to try.
she goes for the assholes and players because of their looks, but the same things happen everytime she gets fucked over. when she has nice boys that just wish they could get a girl like Bailey.
a Bailey is one of the nicest, funniest girls you will ever meet, but get on her bad side and she will f*ck your ass up.
bailey is very tall lean, big feet, tan, not pale but not black,
shes beautiful.
bailey is beautiful everyone wants to be Baileys friend.
by longlegs10 November 24, 2010

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