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University located in San Marcos where students with below-average grades with a plethora of extracurricular activities attend. If you participated in any extracurricular activity and passed your classes in high school, Texas State University will gladly accept your application for enrollment. Primarily as the school that you attend when denied by top-tier universities such as Texas A&M and UT Austin, Texas State boasts students ranging from the underachievers to the mildly retarded. Students living on-campus participate in a wide variety of activities provided by the residential halls. Requirements of the residential hall include obtaining a certain number of hours of participation in activities that include group dance parties and watching television in the lobby of each res hall. Academic excellence is clearly not the focus at this university.

While partying is a common factor in life both on and off campus at most universities, Texas State has a special niche in this area. All your classmates you despised in high school (jocks, d-bags etc.) are all combined into one university to labeling Texas State as one of the top party schools in the grand state of Texas.

With a mediocre education and a long list of activities such as fratting, partying and making friends, employers will absolutely put a Texas State application towards the top of the application pool. GO BOBCATS!!
Setting: Prospective student meets with Texas State Admissions Counselor...

CAC: So Jimmy what is your class rank?

Jimmy: 250 out of 500

CAC: Oh okay top 50% I see.

Jimmy: Yes, I was preoccupied with football, track and powerlifting.

CAC: Wow! Because of the diversity of your extracurricular activities, you will make an excellent addition to the student body at Texas State University!

Jimmy: Sweet bro. I can't wait to chillax with my broskis and crush keystones on a classic fraturday night.
by longhornforlife69 October 27, 2011

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