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Someone who often consumes jib, or meth, and is a fiend and steals peoples' shit for money, so they can afford more jib.
1) Blucka damn, that's one hell of a jibtek
2) D'yamn what a jibtek, he just railed 20 points of shard and did 3 BnE's
3) "Have a sketchy sunday... I'm...a jibtek"; spoken by an self-proclaimed jibtek the morning after a 'rave'.
by lonestar50721 July 11, 2006
An alternative to the word 'man' used in the 'buddy' or similar sense.
1) hey meon, how's it going?
2) meon!!
by lonestar50721 July 11, 2006
A play on the word 'ghetto' that is an expression and freely used.
1) Ghettatto. (used out of the blue for the sake of saying it)
2) Dude that's ghettatto. (in response to something not cool)
2) meon, I ought to smack you, that's f***ing ghettatto... Uncool. (in response to something sheerly stupid that can only be accomplished by a true jibtek, or jibtek warrior on at least day 10.)
by lonestar50721 July 11, 2006
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