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Said to describe something someone has said/done that is very harsh or mean. Can be used funnily (See Example One) or can be used that its so mean its gone past being funny (See Example Two).
Example One
Person A: Oi Bens family is so poor, his mum sends him to kfc to lick peoples fingers.
Person B: *HAHAHAHH* Thats Cold man, Thats Cold. *HAHAHAHHA*

Example Two
Person A: Bens a dickhead, he should just drop dead, not like anyone will miss him in his grave!
Person B: Nah allow it man, Thats cold
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010
Used to describe a begfriend/wanna be.
Person A: Omg Ben added all my friends on facebook!
Person B: Oh my dayz, She/He begs it.!

Person A: Whys Becky alwas hanging around with Alice nowadays? shes got the same hair style and nose piercig aswell!

Person B: she begs it man.
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010
Raw meaning 'very cool' A rawhead being someone who is very cool/bait/popular. Can be used sarcastically to hint someone who thinks their cool is a loser. Read Examples.
Non Sarcastic
Person A: ' You know that ben kid?'
Person B: ''Oh yeah i heard he knocked out some 7foot guy the other day, hes a rawhead bruv!'

Person A: 'I smoked a cigarette for the first time today'
Person B: ' Wow, your a proper little rawhead arent you (laughs to himself)'
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010
A shortened version of Sams Chicken. A well known fast food shop all over London. Most known for their famous '2 2' 2 chicken burgers and chips for 2 pound.
Person A: 'Im bare hungry, what we gonna eat fam?!'
Person B: ' Come lets go hit up Sams'
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010
Used when someone gets told, gets shamed, something embarresing/bad happens to someone. Often said upon hearing another persons bad situation. Could be said instead of 'thats dread!' 'thats bad' or 'oh no!' or 'oh shit, he must be embarresed'
Person A: Aww did you hear what happened to Ben? His girlfriend cheated on him with a chick!
Person B: Feel it!
by londongyalxxx May 16, 2010

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