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Su-men = (Su )सु means अच्छा (Accha – Good/Nice),

(Men) is Plural form of "Man".

A very multi-talented, vibrant, caring and insightful person on the earth. Mostly under-estimated, wrongly judged by people around this person. Physically strong but emotionally weak. Mostly lazy but very aggressive and super hard-working if challenged by anyone. This person known for bravery and extreme anger. Highly Attractive and Sexually Intriguing Individual. Ultimate Sex God.

This person will earn lot of wealth. Get good respect from society. This person will use show expertise in more than one field.

This person doesn&#x27;t differentiate people based on Place, caste, religion, or mother tongue.

Strongly oppose enemies and those who are against this person policies.

Sumen is precious diamond.

Girl: I want you tonight, tomorrow night, next week at night and in the rest of nights of my life.
by london.girl<3 March 04, 2013

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