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4 definitions by london che

Pushing Cloth is when you are busting for a crap, and it starts poking its head out of the cave.
Damn it man how much longer are you gonna be I'm pushing cloth out here
by london che February 08, 2006
This relates to the world famous England Footballer, David Beckham. He was first nicknamed 'The Thong' by a Breakfast TV presenter on 'The Big Breakfast'.
Presenter: "And here is a picture of David Beckham,...
or The Thong, as we like to call him, on account of he looks like the kind of person who wears them"
by london che February 08, 2006
Self explanatory, really - a bog log is a shit, or a turd, or a poo
Wow that bog log is big enough for Grizzly Adams to build a cabin with it.
by london che February 08, 2006
Government is a group of fraudsters, petty criminals, murderers, and armaments dealers who legislate to protect the citizens and subjects of a country from fraudsters, petty criminals, and other such misfits.
"dude I been thinking that we may as well ask the mafia to
run this country - they may be less criminal"

"man havent you sussed it yet? the government is the mafia"
by london che January 30, 2006