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A website that I'm addicted to. But I hate it so much. I have been on it for like 3 years. All people fight about it other peoples opinions. There is a new wave of usernames like "Dead Black Rose, or EmoQueen, or Intoxicated Fiction". What the hell shut the fuck up. The mods, think their special just because they can put girls in timeouts and lock forums. Jesus christ no one likes you. The only reason you get like fifty thousand friend request a day is because people will think they will become popular. Admin is really slow and like doesn't do anything. The models are a whole bunch of little bitches who "don't reply to hate mail, or are 13 years young" wth get a life. The forums are a bunch of bullshit about ranting and cupcakes and ninjas. Ahh, but what can I say, I love it:<3
Gosupermodel forums-

Model99- I'm Bisexual
Moderator- *locked*
by lololololololhahahahaha June 22, 2010

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