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Someone who plays alot of Modern Warfare 2 and is probably already prestiged even though the game has barely been out. This person enjoys playing MW2 alot. They are usually very good at it.

They also often make noobs very angry. These noobs will often scream very loudly into their headset and make the MW2er's ear hurt.

A MW2er is constantly having to deal with noobs.
WTF!!1 that bitch went 48 and 3... fuckin MW2er nolife bitch ass fucker hole nigger!!! (words usually spoken by a noob)
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
Very tasty chocolate like treat.
That stuff that comes out of your butt tastes absolutely NOTHING like fudge!
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
The gringo way of saying pendejo which is a Spanish slang term.

Usually used by a white person who enjoys being around Hispanic people.
"What is up my pendayjoes"

"Callate puto gringo"
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
1. (Verb) When a large black woman with humongous breasts gives you a hug and squeezes your seemingly small head into the depths of her enormous cleavage.

2. (Verb) ... Also, when playing basketball pick-up games and a large black guy with no shirt hits you with his huge pecs as he goes up for a dunk.
1. Dude I just got nigtittied by Mrs. Johnson... I thought I was gonna die.

2. Dammit man I'm not playing pick-up games anymore... I always get nigtittied...
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
When a Hispanic person (not necessarily Mexican) attempts to cross the border via Rio Grande and falls on their stomach into the river.
"Hey get that there Mexican, he's tryna cross... Oh... Never mind it don't matter no more... just another Mexican belly flop. I'll get 'em!
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
(noun) One who shits very often and usually makes the surrounding area smell bad for a long period of time... even after you spray Lysol or Oust...
Hey what's that smell?

Oh sorry, It's my Dad... he's a shitmachine.

Did you spray any Oust?

No, It doesn't help anyway.
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
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