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the definition of why your life is so amazing. he is extremely funny.he is beyond smart and will never want to show it .he is one of the hottest guys you will ever meet. even though he may be quiet whenever he says anything he makes anyone laugh. overall sejah is awesome. he also has a very large penis
Girl 1: hey i am hanging out with sejah today
Girl 2: your soo fucking lucky i wish i could spend my day with sejah.
by lolmonster March 23, 2012
A niggregation is the act of giving a white person the select privilege of saying the word "Nigger" in any context without having someone of African American decent become angry at them.
White person: Whats good my nigger?
Black person #1: What you say you cracker ass bitch?
Black person #2: Dont worry, he has niggregation
by lolmonster May 27, 2014

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