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A very infectious disease that affects mostly white 20 something males turning them into egocentric steroid using assholes with orange skin. Various strains of Douchebag have been Idenitfied.

1. The Frat Douche- this strain has ravaged college's across the U.S since orginating at Arizona State in the early 1990's highly contagious it turns high school seniors into full fledged douchebags rapidly after infection. Symptoms include drinking Keystone or Natty Ice beer and wearing popped collars and sunglasses even when indoors

2. The Ed Hardy douche- showed up in small numbers in 2007 but didn't explode until Jon Gosselin became infected. Sypmtoms include wearing T-shirts with a flaming tiger on them and dating two or more skanks at the same time.

3. The Statan Island Douche- The newest strain of douchebag to appear first showed up in late 2009 charcterized a very inflated ego and uncontrolled muscle spasms that result in punching of the air. Skin turns a very odd orange color muscle sized increases and hair becomes thick with grease and and is often spiked. Unlike other strains of douchebag the Statan Island appears to affect women at an alarming rate. their symptoms include wearing cheetah print clothing, large amounts of eye liner and drinking large shots of Tequllia.
If you see a douchebag infected person or you yourself are infected please Quarantine yourself and call the CDC as soon as possible.
by lolmakingfunofpeoplelol December 06, 2011

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