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Indie's think they're all so fucking individual. Indie-viduality has become a scene, and all these indies are identical. They're always trying to be different but it leads to failure fashion on www.melbournestreetfashion.com.
You will find them, rolling ciggys, drinking coffee, drinking goon, riding bicyles, being vegeterian, having perfect vocabulary, saying darling, darling, darling, watching the Virgin Suicides, shopping at opshops and finding oh so fashionable outfits that your dead great grandmother used to wear cause its so vintage, having an extremely strange interest in the UK and everything about it, using polaroids or film cameras or fisheyes or just loving photography... Indie's listen to the Smiths, Joy Division and weird psychedelic shit.

they used to love lookbook.nu, they used to love black rimmed glasses, they used to listen to MGMT, but they became too indie for all of it. Indies will always hate anything in the top 20. Indies will always ask "WHAT IS INDIE?!?!?!" But they do know what indie is..
REUBEN (indie #1): come over?
KATE (indie#2): i'll ride over there, we'll catch a coffee?
REUBEN (indie #1): Okay sure then we can go savers?

KATE (indie#2): Okay darling!

BRIAN (Normal kid): fucking indie kids.
by lolllllwhat June 10, 2010

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