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2 definitions by lollie

Coldness which makes your nipples stiffen - very much like stipples, fripples (which are the name of the nipple in the cold).
'It's very nippy noodles today isn't it?'
by lollie July 06, 2003
Verb: To splumf. Means to relax the body entirely, going from a standing position on to a very soft piece of furniture, such as an extremely comfortable chair or bed (usually after a long day)
Ollie: Aaaaaahhhhhrrrrrhh (yawn)
Lou: What's up fella?
Ollie: Been a looong day
Lou: Let's splumf
Ollie: Great idea. I'm glad there's a word to describe that action
Lou: Hells yes
by Lollie March 04, 2012