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The full name of the j-rock band more commonly known as ancafe and , improperly, antique cafe. They are known for their lighter, upbeat sound and image that makes them oshare kei instead of visual kei. They consist of:
miku:the happy, pretty vocalist
bou:the very cutesy, girly, kawaii guitarist
teruki:the spazzy, talkitive drummer (less creative dresser)
kanon:possibly the hottest in really a cute, punky way thing to ever be on earth. the bassist
Did you hear Antic Cafes new song Pusshin Prin? I love it! I had no idea that miku was a pudding fetishist!

Antic Cafe had a great concert last night, teruki and bou did a really yummy fanservice.
by lolita~princess December 31, 2006

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