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n. a person who cannot do anything right or screws up a lot. Originated at Dartmouth College (Bones Gate)
"He got THREE D's on his report card? What a soil!"
by Lolita June 23, 2004
a jock or meathead, originated at Dartmouth College
The captain of the lacrosse team might be muscular but he couldn't explain existentialism if his life depended on it. What a shteak.
by Lolita June 23, 2004
say it out loud. usually used to talk about lsd without ppl knowing what your talking about
hey, wanna hang out with Ellis this weekend"
by Lolita February 23, 2005
The Dewey Decimal is a sex act where the male member is a book that needs to be returned to the shelf (his partner). He is blindfolded so she must lead the way by shouting where to go... This is an intensive and mentally stimulating foreplay option that requires knowledge of the human reproductive systems. Commands shouted must be in an alphabetical order (for example: bazongas, lips, vagina, etc.) This leaves no room for creativity but a lot of room for a good ole saucy evening of "categorical book organizing."
After indulging in feminist science fiction novels, the young, passionate couple engaged in a riveting night of coitus including an aggressive round of The Dewey Decimal.
by LOLITA February 19, 2012
Used to describe an action so uncool, that it is the equivilent of punching christ.
Lindy: joe stole a kid's bike today
Marlise: what a christpunch!
by Lolita January 11, 2005
1.An adjective for something that is not good
2. Something unpleasant
3. A stupid person
4. Uncool
1. Did you see Lord of the Rings? That movie is so reekin!
2. I had to clean the bathroom, it was reekin.
3. Ricky is going out with Gina and Jessica, he is so reekin.
4. I'll never wear that outfit, it's reekin!
by Lolita May 23, 2004
1. To be as lame as something is fantastic.
"Did you get the new Ashanti CD?" "That shit is lametastic."
by Lolita October 13, 2003

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