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When two people, who are excessively obese.. fall deeply in love.

Not to be confused with Munchlax love.
SNORLAX used Attract! It's super effective!

guy watching: I CAN'T TELL WHAT BODY PART GOES WHERE!!!!!!! O___O;;

daycare people: It's Snorlax love!! :'3
by lolicakes October 03, 2010
Something so fantastic that it makes you jizz.
This song is jizztastic!


You look jizztastic today!
by lolicakes February 08, 2011
The holiest of biscuits, covered in jizz... yummy. Used to express shock or amazement.
by lolicakes September 29, 2010
Like depression, but feels like boredom. Often caused by lack of socialization.
After staring at the wall for over 20 minutes, I realized I was suffering from some bad depruzion.
by lolicakes October 07, 2010
Something that has been changed to reveal its anime form.
*is animefied* ...OMFG.. I'm an anime character!!!!! OwO *starts rambling in Japanese*
by lolicakes September 25, 2010
When a persons birthday and anniversary exist on the same day.
She spent the morning celebrating her birthday with family, and the afternoon with her boyfriend.

T'was an amaztastic birthiversary indeed!!!
by lolicakes August 11, 2010
(Merriam-Webster definition) "a perfumed liquid containing a lower percentage of fragrant oils than is contained in ordinary perfume or eau de parfum —called also toilet water" ...wtf?
stupid person: Do you like my perfume? It's Eau De Toilette.

smart person: Stop sticking your head in the toilet.
by lolicakes March 23, 2011
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