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2 definitions by lolerskates

A derogatory term that refers to a dude whose priority in life is eating vagina.

Also, this man is NOT to be trusted. Under ANY circumstance. But let him do what he wants.
Hailey: I met a guy who wanted to go down on me before we even made out.

Meredith: Yup, sounds like a real pussy freak.
by Lolerskates June 27, 2014
A place where nerds go to breed. This includes any and all nerds, gay nerds, straight nerds, literature nerds and math nerds. There are also classes in which one fills up the time not spent breeding with other nerds.
Nerd 1:I'm going to cty this summer.
Nerd 2: Really? just don't get pregnate/impregnate someone.
by lolerskates April 30, 2006