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Cakes made of lol.
"These cakes aren't filled with 'lmao', these are lolcakes!"
by lolcakes August 23, 2006
The best password ever.
Enter username:

Enter password:
******** (admin123)

Log-in successful!
by lolcakes August 23, 2006
1) The lowest levelled Fire spell. Completely useless in Final Fantasy IV.

2) Often used on the internet when someone (usually a noob) attacks and does very little damage.
1) "Oh noes! That enemy just cast Fire1 on me and I took a whole 7 damage!"

*Noob attacks for 3 damage*
Other Player: LOL NOOB FIRE1-ER!!!
by lolcakes August 24, 2006
A game played exactly the same way as regular chess, except that both players can move as many times as they want and at the same time. It is also the greatest game ever invented.
"real time chess is like the best game ever!"
by lolcakes August 24, 2006
Writing which is used on submarines.
Submarine Guy 1: omg this writing isn't working!

Submarine Guy 2: That's because you need some subscript, LOL!
by lolcakes August 23, 2006
When you only hear something recently, but you think it's pretty funny so you include it.
Peace Out

1. Goodbye
2. (intransitive verb) to leave or retire
3. (transitive verb) to kill

Note: I only heard the third meaning recently, but I thought it was pretty funny so I've included it.

1. "Yeah, see you then, peace out."
2. "Yo I gotta peace out, I'm tired."
3. "I just peaced out that spider with my shoe."

by anonymous Oct 20, 2003
by lolcakes July 20, 2008
Used to be used when someone attacked doing a lot of damage, although now is only used by noobs since 27 damage is now nearly nothing.
Noob: lolz that guy did liek 27 damage!!!!
Regular Player: stfu noob, I can do like 40k w/ this iron axe
by lolcakes August 23, 2006
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