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Beautiful yet incredible smart girl that may look Italian but most probably is not. Most Eleonoras will have long wavy hair and very expressive eyes as well as a tendency to captivate male friends but never fall for them.

Typically Eleonora girls come from families with some snobby issues. Trying to overcome such issues, they commonly become really lovely and kind women, thus it is nice to be around them but you should avoid meet their relatives (e.g. parents).
Will: Dude, whoes that girl? She looks like Caterina Murino...
Dave: She's Eleonora, she's lovely but you must avoid talk to her mother.
by loladolores February 03, 2010
Meanings according to the region:

1. North America: Weirdo with hair problems. If the full name is abandon in early childhood, substituted by Fred, there is hope the guy will turn out ok. In such cases, the person will hide his ID, birth certificate or any other documentation that shows his full name even if that implies not getting into bars nor going to parties.

2. Latin America: A guy with a snob mother that thinks the Spanish version of the name (Federico) is not good enough for his precious son. Typically mamasboys, Frederics are never invited to hang out with the cool kids, have difficulty having girlfriends and tend to spend their time day-dreaming about leaving their mother’s basements to live on their own.

3. Central Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, North Italy and some parts of Spain): Typically spell as Frédéric, it refers to a geeky-ish guy who loves mountain bike, its crazy about computer games and always wanted to have his own Heavy Metal Band. In this region, Frédéric is one of the most common names you can find, particularly between those born ca. 1970-1990. Be careful to call the name out loud in the subway or any other public place since you may find out that 80% of the male population, and more than one girl, will answer your call.
1. His hair is as disgusting as a Frederic.

2. Don’t invite him to the party he is a Frederic.

3. Here, flies are as common as a Frederic.
by loladolores February 05, 2010

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