2 definitions by lolababy409

The act of getting someone in trouble with the police, a supervisor, boss, etc...(Hence having them hemmed up).

The act of violence towards another after sizing them up.
John- that dude got snitched on for slinging now he's all hemmed up. Phil- yeah now them fuckers are taking him to the tailor.

Bill- look at Jim sizing up Paul, he's probably thinking about taking him to the tailor.

Jenny- poor Kenny, look at them cops slipping the cuffs on him, they are taking him straight to the tailor.
by lolababy409 August 29, 2010
When your with a woman and the only thing she lets you do is finger her vagina and then you proceed home without washing your hands and commence to smelling your finger while jacking off simultaneously.
Joe- man I was with this hot girl last night and all she would let me do was finger her. So I hurried home without washing my hands and started smell jacking to get off.
by lolababy409 August 20, 2010

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