65 definitions by lol

Closet homo who likes sports because he gets to shower with other guys
Shit - Did you see that Marinorules?? He kept trying trying to touch me in the locker room after the game!
by LOL May 07, 2003
Keep drinking ur bottle water..
R.K. likes drinking bottle water...
by LOL January 09, 2005
The incorrect spelling of Ecuador
That idiot spelled Ecuador,Equator, on his report 18 times, therefore he failed
by lol February 15, 2005
sounds like frank skinner,looks like gollum,
likes,staffies,porn,fags,phones,baths,doors, likes riding in a straight line but is crap on bends.Also has a phobia of GSX 1400'S.
"brb fag"
"brb door"
"hold still you bast dog"
"fook me a gixxer"
by LOL October 25, 2004
toby beason likes penises and must be douched daily
oh god my vagina is leaking again
by LoL October 25, 2003
someone cool and intersting. gets a guy easily and gets people like losers, slutbuckets, goofnuts jealous!
by LOL August 06, 2003
a died animal on the side of the road
god clean up that shanye.
by lol January 27, 2005

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