65 definitions by lol

The kind of porn Turrican and his buddies are obsessed with.
Turrican just posted some sfaji pics in his forums.
by lol October 26, 2003
I'll bet a grand.
by lol August 20, 2003
hottest of em all
omg why am i so ugly like eric and u mad DEBB
by lol March 26, 2004
A fat italian man who is kind of good at the online game known as 'Infantry', but infinitly better at filling his face with candy bars.
Did you hear Darkel got banned for violating the weight restriction in Sniper School?
by lol September 04, 2004
a person who is eurasian (usu. Aussie + Asian) but dresses like a an "AZN"... therefore an OZN.
Aussie + Chi/Thai = Paul Thomas = Ozn
by lol April 12, 2005
All Retarded Pretentious Gamers.
"No, I would rather not visit AllRPG today, my lady."
by lol May 23, 2004
Phrase Carlo uses around his friends. Tells how much input you put into a certain subject
Lester is fat to da max
Randy is gay to da max
Willie is black to da max
by lol December 28, 2003

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