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pwn3d. It is also Pwned best described as "I'm a hacker" Pwned would mean your a skilled Person. pwn3d would be more offensive..

Reversing this insult means I'm all Skill
Joe was killed by Steve
Steve: Haha n00b I pwn3d u cuz i 1337 rx0rz

Steve was killed by Joe
Joe: h4h4 i 1337 i pwn3d j00 n00b
by lol! January 25, 2005
Nerd A Bunch of Nerds Described as a Posse
It Is Also A Posse of People with an I.Q Of the worlds weight.

John: wow, look at the nerd and his other nerd friend

Joe: yeah man, they're major nerds.
by lol! January 25, 2005

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