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Milan Nedich was a war criminal during the Bosnian Conflict in 1999, who was responsible for beheading dozens of his Kosovar prisoners in Kosovo and Serbia. He was tried in London in 2000 for dozens of accounts of murder and atrocities. He was sentenced to life in a Croation Army prison.
Milan Nedich is the sum of the Earth!
by Loks June 26, 2005
top-secret U.S. government-designed close-quarters assault rifle eqipped with a silencer/flash suppressor, used by covert operators all over the world. It fires 5.56x45-millimeter rounds from a 4-inch hollow tube, and can be equipped with a foregrip, sniper scope, and shotgun attachment.
The SC-120 is strong.
by Loks June 26, 2005
A special defensive and offensive military martial arts practice originating in the Phillipines in the 1700s. The training consists of using hands, feet, and bodylocks to subdue or kill an enemy. Modern Sayoc Kali is practiced among Russian Special Forces and Navy SEALs, and Sayoc Kali is also used with knives.
The Man used Sayoc Kali on the thief.
by Loks June 26, 2005
A special offensive and defensive martial arts originating in the Phillipines in the 1700s. the martial arts consists of using hands, feet and bodylocks to defeat the enemy. It is widely practiced these days by Russian and American Special Forces.
Sayoc Kali is very complicated to learn.
by Loks June 26, 2005
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