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2 definitions by loe life:(

yeh most townie girls are slags an act all big but not all off them are like that im classed as a sharron but into rock and heavy metal an i dont go around with all me bling bling on i think gold sucks and i dont wear named shit like nike,reeboke,armani,mochino etc and im still classed as a sharron an 4 some reason i hate being classed as a sharron i havent got a problem with any1 and hate sterotyping an that crap an i dont use slang words or anything either and i dont lisen to rap or rnb or shit but still get called a sharron yet i dont dress as a sharron or act like 1 i mostly dress as a rocker lol so not all people class things the same:(
they all go around starting on 1 another 4 no aparant reason what so ever an walking round going wogwarn bro wats happenin an wasuppppppp an what u starin at man whats with the word man!!!!
by loe life:( August 05, 2004
9 14
there is shit all wrong with townies not all townies are the same its just the diked 1s who think there big and walking around starting fights givin them a bad name most townies are ok if u give them a chance if u ask most townies they say they hate bein townies but its the way they are
not all are bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by loe life:( August 05, 2004
4 23