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a slang term for the the former town known as Willimantic, now one part of the Town of Windham, Connecticut, USA . Often preceded with the word Big, in a sardonic tone. While this town does not have a huge population, it is the largest in that area, thus the derision use by people who are experienced with true modern urban settings, when referring to Willimantic.
We're leaving New York for the holidays...we'll be in Big Willi', living it up in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.
by locolocal November 26, 2010
1)Willimantic is a former city now part of the town of Windham in Windham County, Connecticut, United States. The population was estimated at 15,823 at the 2000 census. It is home to Eastern Connecticut State University and it's many students, some of whom get way too drunk and cause the need for various local support services.

2)While the town is indeed named Willimantic (from an Algonquin word) the word is also spoken with a disdainful tone, in order to disparage the area and it's people, as it has seen economic hard times, after local industry moved in the 1980's.
1)"So, I hear a student drank too much and passed out in front of Town Hall. The cops and EMT's were all over it."
"Wow, her folk's are gonna get a big bill!"
" Maybe for the ambulance,...but the cops- that's Willimantic."

2)"So, did you hear a student passed out from drinking too much?"
"Yeah, I hear she was talking about how she couldn't find any heroin in Heroin Town, before she lost it."
"Man, that's so Willimantic, I thought she was from Fairfield!"
"Well, at least she didn't call it Willi Rico, she could of gotten in big trouble!"
by locolocal November 26, 2010

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