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An abbreviation for those who sleep around with multiple random people. It stands for "Fuck And Run". These generally apply to those who like having sex but don't want to stick around to deal with the mess in the morning.
Leum : "Okay, so I hear Leah's mad ass hot and a cougar in bed."
Alex : "So, what holding you, man.. go tame that cougar!"
Leum : "Yeah, but the words out that she's too clingy, what if she glues herself to my ass for life?"
Alex : "Oh well, then you gotta FNR on that bitch!!"
by locohobo August 17, 2010
a person usually a guy who is more in touch with their feminine side. Generally referred to as a prettyboy, musically gifted and smiles all the time.
dude, look over there.. the guy with awesome hair?!
yup, that's a farraz alright!!
by locohobo September 10, 2009
1) An exclamatory term used to express the feeling one experiences after having fully satisfying sexual intercourse.

2) Expression used when someone has sex with a particular partner who is so fucking awesome that they keep wanting more.

3) A substitute form of the expression "Rock On" used regarding sex.
Omg, Ronny and I had sex last night and the only words I was left with to say to Ronny was, "Cock On! You crazy ass son-of-a-bitch."
by locohobo February 09, 2011
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