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the day of the week when you get up at 7:00am, go downstairs, have your bowl, have cereal. and time is ticking on and on (as it does) you walk down to the bus stop and oh what a surprise, you're 13 year old friends turn up in a car (surprisingly one of these 13 year olds can drive, i know right, well cool) and they're all like kicking in the front seat and sitting in the back seat, and then you come across this extraordinary dilemma of choosing a seat, but you're all cool about it, cos after all you're rebecca black. pa'chow.
...Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday).. Today it is Friday (Friday)... We we we so excited... we so excited..
by Loce March 22, 2011
Looking up weird shit on pornhub that is festive related
Lorna: We were joking about nugget porn the other day
Emily: Why do people look up like 'naughty elf' and shit on pornhub though? Like why do they need to make their masturbation festive??
Festive masturbation my dear friends
by Loce May 22, 2015
The act of snaking and worming. Sneaky sneaky
"Guess who was snurming around on Facebook again last night?"
"Just snurming my way through life, it's the best way"
by Loce March 12, 2013
insult, person wearing their hat loosely, limbless jewish grandma playing heavy metal in the rain wearing white t-shirts
You herman!

That guy is a herman.

Grandma stop being a herman!
by loce March 09, 2009

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