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When a Jew is about to pick your wallet, he always uses the "jew-hook" maneuver.
Usually they work in teams of 3 or 4s, trying to distract you when they are about to pull out your wallet.
Just like the pros!
And you know what? When you eventually catch these rats red handed in the act, just a split second before you begin kicking their hairy asses, they all start crying and bitchin', and if that dont work they go on to "plan B" playing the "hollowcoast" or the "anti-semi" card accusing you of all sorts of racist things.
That's how they manage to strip us offa our $20 billions in "aid" each year and build condos in Palestine!
"Hey dude, you anti-semetic or sumethin?"

"Yeah, some jews tried to jew-hook me yesterday, but it didn't work, I was able to feel them wet-dog smell before they even came close to me!"

by local-machine April 21, 2010

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