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3 definitions by local sex fiend

when you pinch the tip of your dick right before you spew, then slam the top and bottom of your dick with your hands, shooting semen everywhere.
Man, that girl sucks at giving dome, so before i blew in her mouth i gave her the old norwegian hand grenade.
by local sex fiend October 23, 2006
22 14
when you are porking someone up the butt when they have the runs, and shit is spewing out everywhere.
"My girlfriend and I tried the sewage pump last night. Damn that shit is good."
by local sex fiend October 18, 2006
7 8
when you are doing someone up the butt, and when you jizz, shit gets stuck in it and it stays on your dick when you pull it out.
Dude I boned this hot redhead in the ass last night, but came out with an italian meatloaf
by local sex fiend October 23, 2006
15 37