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N. The unusual situation of soiling three different pair of underpants in the same day.
What happened to Joey?

He had to go home. He hit a skidmark grand slam.

Man, that sucks.
by LobsterSausage February 11, 2011
n. The rare art of dropping a deuce in a waterless toilet that leaves a skidmark the length and depth of the bowl.
Oh man, I really gotta take a crap!

Go in there!

I can't! There's no water in the toilet and someone already left a skidmark slam.
by LobsterSausage February 11, 2011
n. The result of countless hours of banging your best friend's mom.
Dude, I heard Randy spent the weekend at Joe's house. Yeah? Yeah, after he left, Randy's mom had burgertwat.
by LobsterSausage February 11, 2011
The instance of a Vietnamese hooker containing razorblades in her vagina to maim or otherwise injure a U.S. GI who had the misfortune of fucking her.
Hey, what happened to Spinelli? He went off with some Vietnamese hooker last night. Oh, man, what happened? Fucking vagitooth ripped his dick off.
by LobsterSausage February 26, 2011
n. When you take a very sticky crap and it grazes your balls, leaving a brown streak.
Oh, man, did you hear about Frank?

No, what happened?

He was getting blow job from Becca then she threw up.

Really? Why?

Turns out he took a grazer not ten minutes earlier.

by LobsterSausage February 11, 2011
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