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Is a Hull word for a certain type of man who is sexy and gorgeous but knows the effect that he can have on a woman.
A Stuart can understand just what a women wants and tease her with it.
Stuart's on a whole are known for there self survival tactic which is called a Stuart hug. A Stuart hug is generally a long embrace which involves amazing kisses and lots of fondling or gropes depending on his prey.
A) That lad i've been seeing is such a stuart, boy am i happy.

B) That John is such a stuart... you should have seen the moves he made.
by lobstercatcher February 05, 2010
A Sydney is a name given to the name of a man's penis when you've known him for so long and find out he hasn't named his penis yet.
"You haven't given him a name yet...... Erm (touching said area) I now name you Sydney - the one eyed trouser snake."
by lobstercatcher February 05, 2010
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