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A person, usually a student or a lower position employee, who always blatantly shows agreement with their teacher or superior by constantly nodding their head when in the presence of their colleagues for the purpose of getting recognition or acknowledgement just for staying awake (no matter if actual agreement can be or is felt). This perpetual motion, which commonly plagues gunners, is often combined with furtive glances at fellow colleagues to help build own self-esteem in the sense that others don't seem as interested in the lackluster drivel coming out of the boss's mouth. This is one of the most implicit ways of kissing ass, though easily observed in places like medical schools and probably board meetings. In other words, where fear-driven type-A individuals are spawned.
In pathology small group:

Dude: What's wrong with that guy's neck?

Chick: Nothing. He's just a bobble head, but he'll get a good recommendation for solid eye contact.

Dude: What a tool.
by lobo_the_hobo April 01, 2009
The butt-crack like shape within the triangle of a neck-tie when tied by incompetent tyers. Is often a sign of amateur tying or careless tying demonstrated by people in too much hurry to get to their important tie-demanding jobs.
Is that a plumber unclogging chest hair from Peter's collar? No wait, it's just a tie crack. He sure is a hairy bastard though.
by lobo_the_hobo April 01, 2009
A condom...something you use to cover your bone. Patented by famous hip-hop artist Devin the Dude in his song "Show 'em," which is about love. It's a play on words and explains clearly what it's used for. Like catching your semen when you "done cum," a Southern expression.
Somewhere in Houston:
Devin's homeboy: We 'bout to lay into deez ho's.
Devin: Got tha duncoms?
Devin's homeboy: Fa sho...gotsta keep ya shit clean.
Devin: Straight...word, <etc...and other rap lingo>

Somewhere in Alabama:
Girl: Oh, oh...Why'd you stop?
Dude: I done cum baby...now I wanna watch me some football.
Girl: Roll tide!
by lobo_the_hobo February 09, 2008

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