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The people who insist on ruining every happy moment in your life. They try to tell you that they are protecting you but what they really are doing is killing your spirits! They bring you down for something so stupid that it is uncomprehendable!
Parents dont know what its like to be us.
by loathsome child November 06, 2005
the creature of the night, the most magnificent of the creatures. most people do not believe in them, they are as real as the fingers on your hands or the nose on your face. yes they survive on blood, but not all, there are psycic vampires as well. they feed off of energy. vampires are the most manipulative of any creature and that is what makes them the most facinating of them all. some may have pale skin and deadly eyes but they are beautiful.
The vampire that i know is my single and only friend who wants me around.
by loathsome child November 06, 2005
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