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The Six Joker's Cards are as follows: Carnival of Carnage, the Ringmaster, Riddlebox, the Great Milenko, the Amazing Jeckel Brothers and the Wraith. ICP named their six albums after each of the Joker's Cards and on each album is (at least) one song that explains what exactly the card means.

ICP claims to have been visited by the spirit of the Dark Carnival, who showed them six revelations in the form of the Joker's Cards. ICP then made it their mission to spread the word, and tell everyone to change their evil ways before it's too late, thus naming their six albums after each Joker's Card and putting a specific revelation into each. The first Joker's Card, Carnival of Carnage, was released in 1991; their final revelation, the Wraith, was released in 2004.
I understand the Six Joker's Cards now, and I have to change my ways before the Dark Carnival claims my soul.
by loTuS_kiLLA August 27, 2006
Somebody who thinks that just because they have more ICP tshirts than everyone else and have heard a couple ICP songs they are down with the clown. Typically, anyone who is a self-proclaimed juggalo. If you really were a juggalo, you wouldn't go around telling everyone about it. Ninjas stick to the underground. Juggahoes are posers and wannabes, and only listen to ICP just because their friends do or so they can "fit in", not because they actually like the band or can name the Six Joker's Cards. Calling someone a "juggaho" is not based on their gender.
That bitch is such a juggaho he's wearing a Carnival of Carnage tshirt but doesn't know which Joker's card that is.
by loTuS_kiLLA August 27, 2006
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